Funko Pop! Movies: Friday the 13th - Jason Voorhees (01)

$11.00 - $16.00
CHOKING HAZARD. Not intended for children under 3.
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  • Funko POP! Movies (#01)
  • Movie - Friday the 13th
  • Character - Jason Voorhees
  • Note - the warning graphics along the bottom of the front side of the box do not match the stock photo image
  • I have been a collector since the mid 1970s. As a collector, I have assigned subjective grades to give collectors a better idea of the overall condition of each box. Below are the general definitions of each box grade:
  • Grade A. Box may not be "perfect", but is in nice shape, and would be considered "premium" or "collectible" grade by many.
  • Grade B. Box will have some "minor" imperfections. The front of the box will still be presentable.
  • Grade C. Box will have some "moderate" damage and/or imperfections.
  • Grade D. Box will have some "significant" damage and/or imperfections. Some boxes may have stickers on the top or bottom. If you are not a box collector and present your Funko products out of their box, this might be an option for you.
  • All Funko items are shipped "double boxed" for safer shipping.